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Our Features

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Free Beta!

We just launched our Beta. You can join and claim your free gameserver! Your feedback is very welcome

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Easy management

Create and restore backups in seconds, update your server or install mods

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Unlimited Slots

We don't limit your player slots. Every server has a transparent amount of resources, the rest is up to you. 2 or 200 slots, we don't care.

Druid Beta

What is this?

Druid is a new way of hosting and managing your game server instances. We want to provide an easy to use and cheap plattform, to build digital products.

Druid Beta

Druid Beta

We are currently in a closed beta. We have huge plans for the future. At this point we want to validate our basic technology.
At the moment we are *just* a game server hosting provider, but there is more to come!! At this point, we are giving away free game server instances to test our infrastructure under load and iron out last bugs. We are planning to continuously enable more games and new features as we progress Join our Discord Server, to discuss topics, vote for features and report bugs:

You are very welcome!